Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Appeal From ESG India, Bangalore

Appeal From ESG India, Bangalore:
Appeal to assist victims of tsunamis in South India and Sri Lanka:
In response to the tsunamis that swept through the eastern coast of India, Sri Lanka, and elsewhere in South East Asia, and the devastation caused by them, Environment Support Group (ESG), Community Health Cell, India Together, Association for India's Development (Bangalore Chapter) and Servelots are putting together a handy list of ways in which concerned citizens and organisations can contribute in cash and kind.
In addition to suggestions for contributions, ESG is also collecting contact information for government and non-government institutions who are directly involved in relief operations. All this information will be present and continually updated online at Tsunami Relief information: Please send any critical information you would like to be listed on this website to editors[at]indiatogether[dot]org to help keep this page current and readily supportive of emergency and relief operations.

We encourage citizens to liberally contribute to the relief of the affected
communities. A list of items immediately required is enclosed. Material
can be dropped off at the ESG office (address given below) or at Servelots,
3354, "Pankaja", KR Road, Bangalore, 560070 - +91-80-2676-2963. Please call before you come to the office to drop off your contributions. More drop off points will be identified in coming days.
In addition to contributions in kind, ESG will also accept monetary contributions by cheque/DD in favour of 'Environment Support Group' payable at Bangalore. Please clearly mark the back of the cheque with words "Tsunami Relief Fund". Receipts will be issued.
We encourage citizens to come forward to join this effort and to assist people in devastated areas in their time of need. It is extremely critical that we coordinate efforts of organisations and networks from the Bangalore region in collecting relief material and reaching the same to affected areas. In this regard, it would be helpful if we could meet tomorrow (Tuesday 28 December 2004) at St. Joseph's College of Arts and Science, Langford Road, Bangalore at 4.30 pm. Please encourage others to come.
To enable a point source dissemination effort of critical information, a daily newsletter will be sent out with updated information.



Food - dry and ready food is preferable as it takes a long time by road to reach the affected areas and food should not spoil. Biscuits, dal, rice, and grains are also needed. Grains should be ground into flour. Tea, sugar, salt, oil etc, will also be in demand. PLEASE PACK ALL FOOD WITH NEAT LABELS IN ENGLISH (Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam if additionally possible).
Clothes - all types. Especially warm clothes, blankets, durries, chaddar, etc. PLEASE GIVE CLOTHES IN AGE GROUP PACKS OF 0-1; 1-3; 3-7; 7-10; 10-15; 15-18; 18+. KINDLY LABEL THE AGE GROUPS AND WHETHER IT IS FOR GIRLS, BOYS, MEN Or WOMEN. ENSURE ALL BUTTONS ARE SEWED, NO TEARS, AND THAT CLOTHES ARE CLEAN. Sarees and full blouses and lungis are particularly required.
Lamps - Functional torches with cells for the same, kandil (kerosene lamps), and candles and matches packs.
Medicines - we are trying to get a list of the medicines that are most needed, but any good doctor can help such a list to be put together. Meanwhile, friends have suggested that the following medicines will be required.
Pain Relief - Ibuprofane, Asprin, Dclofenac, Paracetamol
Infection Prevention/Antibiotics - Amoxicillin
Injuries Dressing - Cotton, Bandages etc.
Dysentry - Diaorehha - Oral Rehydration kits (ORS), Furazolidone, Metronidizole
Anti-Bacterial - Cotrimoxazole Chloroquine
Carbouys / buckets for fetching water from distance.

This is a quick list, which will be further updated soon.

In solidarity,
Leo F. Saldanha/Environment Support Group; Dinesh/Servelots; Ashwin Mahesh/India Together; Prasanna/Community Health Cell/Association for India's Development (Bangalore Chapter); Subramanya Sastry
Contact Address:
Environment Support Group R
S-3, Rajashree Apartments, 18/57, 1st Main Road, S. R. K. Gardens,
Jayanagar, Bannerghatta Road,
Bangalore 560041. INDIA
Telefax: 91-80-26534364/26531339/26341977
Fax: 91-80-51179912
Email: esg[at]esgindia[dot[org or esg[at]bgl[dot]vsnl[dot]net[dot]in

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