Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Relief Foundation - For Tsunami Victims


I have been working with Suman on providing updates from Chennai about the tragedy that struck the coast.

Should anyone abroad like to contribute, please do your wire transfers or transfers using any mode to Relief Foundation. Details are given below.

Foreign Contribution FCRA Account details:

FCRA No: 075900796
Name of Account: Relief Foundation
Bankers: American Express Bank Ltd, 187, Anna Salai, Chennai - 6
S/B A/c No: 520300381

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do you know if anybody in pune is collecting any clothes ?



Posted by hari

8:08 PM  

I am sorry Hari, I am not sure of anyone collecting clothes in Pune. But I can tell you that there is enough being collected as clothes. Please see if you can help by providing vessels, stoves etc.
Nanda Kishore 

Posted by Nanda Kishore

1:58 PM  



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