Monday, January 31, 2005

MGR Thitu: Update by Nanda Kishore

I have been speaking to people in the Killai village trying to gather information about the current situation at MGR Thitu. I got this information from the coordinator of AID India at the KILLAI VILLAGE CAMP (the marriage hall). His name is Mr. Vanjinathan.
The villagers have somehow generated the funds to buy the land which was allocated to them. I hope everyone remembers that they were initially trying to get that money! The government is now working on building houses for these folk, but as usual, the pace is slow. The villagers are still staying in the Killai Marriage hall.
They have a shortage of rice now. Immediate need is for rice. Any suggestions?

Also, the boats and nets part is also at a standstill. The government has promised to give them boats and has already earmarked 2371 crores for this. But the money will take time to reach them. There is also an issue between the FM & the CM because the FM announced that the relief money will be done through the public sector banks! It might take time for the money to reach them.

There is also a problem in trying to get the children back to school. We may remember that their only school (inside the village) which teaches till standard 5 was completely damaged. The education front also needs some help. The details on the kind of help required will be available only by the evening.

But the requirement for nets still remain. They are still maintaining that the requirement for nets will resolve a good lot of their problems. From what I could gather we still have to work on the nets front. And if possible, try and get some rice in the meanwhile. But immediate funding is going to be a problem.
-- by Nanda Kishore

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