Saturday, January 01, 2005

Relief volunteer

Dear Sirs,

I am an experienced Peace Corps Volunteer specializing in community
development, as well as a relief worker in Kosovo. I want to volunteer in
an capacity that I am needed to aid the relief effort in Southeast Asia. I
am available for 6-7 months. Please contact me.

Cayenne Smith
1142 Neil Ct.
Sonoma, Ca,

(707) 996-4920

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Dear Suman,
We at RESCUE-FOUNDATION are setting up a camp in Nagapatanam and are looking for volunteers who could associate with us in providing relief to the tsunami victims.We are undertaking food distribution.medical camp,constructing makeshift homes using tarpaulinsand distribution of essentials.For further details email

Posted by Umesh Kumar

3:21 PM  

I am a Master's level Christian Counselor with experiance in working with trauma relief in Haiti, Nicuragua, and Guatemala. I am employed as a children's therapist working in trauma recovery of abuse, neglect and emotional stressors here in Florida. Have assisted with Hurricane and severe storm recovery. I have a few other members of a small team of experienced counselor's desiring to offer assistance as needed. Please e-mail me if this is feasible with logistical needs and connections to facilitate a short-term 2-4 week trip. Thank you, Larry Johnson 

Posted by Larry Johnson

3:51 AM  



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