Thursday, December 30, 2004

Relief Hampered due to fresh Tsunami Warnings

Two truck loads of materials (bedsheets, clothes, provisions, vessels,
stoves etc.) which were collected by us (including some materials
given by people through this blog) could not be distributed today
because of fresh Tsunami warnings. The materials has now been kept in
a safe place to be distributed on Saturday. More than 15 independent
organisations carrying relief materials towards the affected areas
were sent back. People along the coast were getting evacuated. It was
a familiar sight, but only this time, they were more cautious.

Relief camps across the Eastern coast have been evacuated and people
are now moving inland. It remains to see if the warnings are true, but
there are prayers in everyone's lips that this should only be a

It has also been reported that the water levels has risen along the
Marina and Srinivasapuram (the fishing hamlet affected most during the
first Tsunami attack) was affected again. It is also understood that
people were actually returning to their homes that they had deserted a
few days back starting yesterday, only to be affected again.

Awaiting more reports from along the coast.

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