Friday, January 07, 2005


People when you send an e-mail to sumank.tsunami[at]blogget[dot]com
1) It is published on this site
2) I can't see you e-mail ids, so I can't reply

So, please write to suman[at]sumankumar[dot]com if you want to talk to me. And, send a mail (from a web based mail, do not use Outlook or Lotus Notes or some e-mail client) to sumank.tsunami[at]blogget[dot]com to publish information on this site.
I got this today (for this site)
Hi Sumank, We (me and the people in Cc) would like to volunteer our service for the relief operations. I saw your blog today and thought of asking about it. We would be able to do this service tommorow and the day after i.e 8th and 9th of this month. If you are in need of volunteers please write back to us. Awaiting your reply.

Raghavan write to my personal id. I can't see your mail ids.

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