Thursday, January 06, 2005

Nakul Dhawan of Art of Living Writes

Nakul Dhawan, another AOL teacher writes:
A lot of food, clothes and other material has reached a lot of places. But the people are in a state where it does not matter what we give them. They'll take anything just because it is being given freely.... without realising if they need it or not. That's why we are seeing clothes all over the place in these areas. Also, there is tension over the issue of who got how much among them. Once the distribution starts, there is no order, no rule to be honoured.

In this situation, what Art of Living gives them directly affects the state of their mind. I was myself surprised at the response we got after a half hour session of bhastrika and meditation..... despite the language barrier (we had a translator, that's why we need people who know tamil). They themselves said they were feeling calmer and at peace. An emotional loss cannot be compensated by any amount of material given to them. A few ladies who had lost family members and were going around collecting whatever was being distributed because they didn't know what else to do. We gathered a few of them alongwith some men and started. Later others joined when they learnt a "prayer" session was going on. One lady was sitting completely
expressionless, holding her head. She did not even do anything properly.
But when so many people meditate in one place, it changes the atmosphere, which in turn affects individuals in that place. She softened up when we started speaking to her. A few cried as they told their stories and became emotionally lighter.
This has to be done alongwith the material support being provided, which is also very important. Art of Living has been recognised as THE organization to provide trauma relief. All we need to do is be available.... just being channels for Grace to flow through. We don't even know What we are carrying. But we have been empowered to shower It wherever we go. Let It reach everyone.
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