Tuesday, January 04, 2005

financial donation

hi i would like to contribute some funds to the tsunami relief
operations. could you kindly provide me information regarding this.
thank you
jagdish kanjhan

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Hi Jagdish,

Thanks for your message. Please let me know on how much you can donate. We are working on rehabilitating these fishermen by getting them nets for shrimp farming. It costs around INR350 per kg and each family needs around 2 kgs. Can you support some of these families? I will provide you with more details on how to transfer the funds. Please revert with your willingness.

Nanda Kishore 

Posted by Nanda Kishore Sethuraman

7:35 AM  

Want HELP asap...
On behalf of Visions Voluntary Organisation, we are looking for volunteers and funders for the tsunami victims.
we are in need for medicine, food, funds and cloths.
we are supporting the people who got affected by tsunami all over India and srilanka. As the number of victims getting bigger we are looking for help as soon as possible.
For further information please contact us on 00919849357362.
or email us on visionsvoluntaryorganisation@yahoo.co.in

Posted by visions voluntary organisation

2:01 PM  



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