Sunday, January 02, 2005

Volunteer Work

My name is Justin Hurst and I am 22 years old and a university student. I am
currently taking a break from classes and have some money saved up, thus
able and desiring to do all in my capacity to help rebuild areas affected by
this tremendous disaster, and to assist those in need. Please contact me at if I can be of service. Thank you.

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If anyone can give me information how I may volunteer my services in Asia let me know. I am able to do many things and would be interested in the clean up end with helping in this need. 

Posted by Adam Windholz

12:33 PM  

I have six weeks between studying - I would very much like to help in any way I can in the wake of the Tsunami disaster. Please contact me if I can do anything useful, either here in England, or in Asia. I am 23 years old. 

Posted by cameron findlay

10:40 PM  

I am working professional .I would like to volunteer myself to help for grief stricken people , physically amd financially .
May god bless all

Posted by Nitin

11:56 PM  

i am a trained mental health nurse with experience of travelling in these countries. i have ten days off in febuary and wish to help in any way i can. i will help either in this counrty or in counrtries effected.can pay for flight ect. 

Posted by lorna

12:22 AM  

I am currently taking a year out before going to university and would like to be able to help the victims of Tsunami disaster. If anyone could give me details of how to volunteer to help. Thank you. 

Posted by Ashley Lait

12:55 AM  

If anyone can give me information how I may volunteer my services in Asia let me know 

Posted by Sonya Young

6:17 AM  

It's has been eating me up everyday that I'm not volunteering to help the people affected by the tsunami disaster. I am willing to help in any way I can. If anyone knows of an organization that is helping volunteers make it to India, will you let me know? I live near Seattle, WA and can leave anytime.
(360) 649-2232.
Thank you,
Jonathan Cole 

Posted by Jonathan Cole

9:16 AM  



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