Saturday, January 01, 2005

Relief Camp

Dear Suman,
We at RESCUE-FOUNDATION are setting up a Relief Camp in Nagapatnam
Providing food,Medical help,construction of makeshift homes and
distribution of essentials are some of the activities we are involved in.
we are looking for voluteers who are willing to associate irrespective of
his qualifications.We also welcome donations in cash or kind.For further
details log on
Umesh Kumar

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I am a physician and I am flying to Madras on Jan 11th. I would like to help out. I speak tamil, I can also help with administration,systems etc. I will try to get medications etc. Please contact me with information as to where I can come to join the relief process.

Posted by Raj

10:45 AM  

dear sir,
i would like to exend my grief with all the victims and would like to help in rescue and rehabilitation operation.where should i send donations and support.

Posted by abhishek tripathi

11:43 AM  



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