Monday, January 03, 2005

Rehabilitation measures: Help required in procuring fishing nets

As mentioned in my previous post, the villagers are now looking at rehabilitating their lives and leave the scar created by the black Sunday behind.

They are looking at nets for Shrimp / Prawn farming. Their nets and boats were completely damaged and they are starting afresh. It feels like they are coins in a game of Snakes & Ladders and they just caught the biggest snake to reach the starting point. They are not ready to be looked at as people who can't fend for themselves and depend on others for their next bread. They want to earn it and they surely will. But it would be humanitarian on our part to help them take their first steps after having hurt themselves.

This is a plea. They need nets. The nets cost Rs.350 (approximately 7 US Dollars) per kg. Each family needs 2 kgs of these nets. These nets are called Mani Valai in Tamil. There are approximately 400 families in the three villages that we visited, which makes it approximately 2400 kgs of this net. The total requirement comes to INR.8,40,000/- (approximately 16800 USD). Whatever we can provide as help would be most welcome by them.

People willing to contribute can please leave a comment for this posting. I promise in the meanwhile, to find means of accepting donations towards this cause.
-Nanda Kishore.S (nandasethuraman[at]gmail[dot]com)

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I saw in that Sunil Nair has some contacts with a fishing net manufacturer who is willing to donate nets for free. Contact him at

Hope it is of help.

Posted by Shankar Balachandran

4:51 PM  

Shankar, that's wonderful. Thanks.  

Posted by Suman

4:54 PM  



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