Thursday, December 30, 2004

Great Resource For Pics and Videos

contains probably the most comprehensive collection of multimedia
content on the Tsunami catastrophe. Brilliant work Geoff. So, if you
are looking for pictures or videos, rush to his site.

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Words can not described how we feel about India's tragedy.
After the World Trade Center we built The function of the program was to provide a platform for rescue workers to house data regarding found persons / items and for the general public to search said data regarding missing persons.

We put it together with Interpol missing persons data points and with some review from DMORT We designed the backend database structure with a scaleable 'on the fly' category creation tool; so as different identifying categories are realized, administrators can create categories and sub-categories easily.

We built it out of frustration from 9/11 as a voluntary effort and attempted to give it away. We were not able to get any wide-scale adoption to it during the Trade Center tragedy and the program has just been sitting around since.

We would like to offer the program to India to help in the recovery efforts, but do not know how to proceed. There is no problem in redoing the front page graphics to make it a site not referring to the US images and the like.

If you have any connections on who to get and give the program to, that would fine by us.


Keith Mullin


Posted by Keith Mullin

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