Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Relief not reaching right people

Today morning when I rushed to give the blankets and other clothes that my company trust had been collecting, I was directed to Marina beach. They were standing near AIR to distribute them to people of that locality. But I have been witnessing for past couple of days - a lot of relief materials had been given to people in these areas. By being in the heart of city, and very easily accessible, relief has been pouring in easily. Its not just my company, many more voluntary help centres been helping them, apart from Santhome church providing all shelter. While the intentions are all good, I was baffled that the materials did not reach to any other area that might need more.

On the other hand, we are also witnessing the dirty political stunts between DMK and ruling ADMK in this. Am interested in giving baby clothes that should help babies upto 6 months. I prefer them reaching the Andaman or any other neglected backward coastal region. What do I do? I can get them ready tomm. (I do not have contact number right now) -- Guruprasad

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Would People please send money instead of clothes and
other materials?.
It would end up costing you more
to send most-needed items. Sending money would be
far more resourceful and fast!.
This would avoid duplication of efforts and proper channeling of releif materials needed. 

Posted by Arv

12:07 PM  



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