Thursday, December 30, 2004


Hello sumank,
Am a social work professional - want to volunteer for any kind of ground work anywhere.
If u have the time please send me information.
thank you,

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Hi, A friend and I are going to be in S. India by about Feb 1st, and would really like to be able to volunteer in any way with the tsunami relief efforts. I am a nurse, with community health experience, and my friend is a teacher with many years experience working with children, especially those who are hearing impared or deaf. Please write back and let us know if we might be able to fill a need. Thanks! 

Posted by Kate Finn

12:01 PM  

I'm replying from Los Angeles, California.
I've been trying to see how I can be of great assistance in the relief
aid of the areas hardest hit.
It's been very overwhelming to hear about the unbelievable
amount of casulties, and want to be there in person to help out in
By trade I'm a photographer. I'm also a practising yogi where
spiritually I want to provide comfort to many who are in need
and help out to any of the organization that may be needed.

I'm unclear at this point when any international civilians are allowed to enter the areas that have been hardest regards
to health safety, and teh damaged infrastructure.

I appreciate any and as much info as possible

contact me ASAP email; 

Posted by atcandela

1:44 PM  

I am an Infection Control Practitioner and feel
totally helpless where I am and want to volunteer
where needed to do anything I can to help. My medical
background is in Medical technology and Microbiology
and would be a very hard worker. I would need transportation from Baltimore, Md. Also could aid
Baltimore based organizations if needed. 

Posted by Karen Ray

10:27 PM  



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