Tuesday, January 11, 2005

'Now there's a bigger flood of aid'

'Now there's a bigger flood of aid': "'Now there's a bigger flood of aid'". It is really remarkable how the common man has risen to the occasion to ensure that his brethern is taken care of. And as Amit asks, how long will this be sustained. That is something which remains to be seen. There are programmes worked by various organisations and individuals (Vivek Oberoi leading as an example) where specific villages have been adopted and provided for. Dr. Shilpa Govardhan in her earlier report in this same blog mentioned that the fishermen now need their livelihood back and not just the next meal. Many are of the same opinion and there are, I am sure, many working towards it. For now, it is good to see and hear that there is a human in every human and (s)he has to be saluted. KUDOS

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